Quick Tips for the Polycom:

Place Calls
Answer Calls
End Calls
Hold and Resume Calls
Transfer Calls
Forward Calls
Conference Calls
Access Voicemail from Handset

Adding Speed Dial Numbers

If you want to add contacts to speed dial that show up on your home screen. You must add them to your contact directory, then give them a ‘Favorite Index’ number.

Home button > go to Directories >  go to 1 Contact Directory… > Add

Fill out the info as needed, the ‘Contact’ field is where you add the phone number. If you want to make them a favorite and have them appear on the home screen so you can one-touch dial them you must put a number in the ‘Favorite Index’ field. The number determines what order they appear on your favorite list, and numbers 1 thru 5 five will appear on your home screen in the order that you number them.

Online Portal

The My Phone Portal will allow you to manage voicemail and call forwarding.

My Phone Portal Walkthrough Handbook


A email will be sent directly to you from Beanfield with your login credentials for:

Login: 41663050552005   [note the last 4 digits are your extension]
Password: [temp PIN issued by Beanfield, changed on first login by use]



You can connect to the message center though the home button on your desktop phone.